InMotion Physical Therapy and Fitness

Baxter Physical Therapy Office

We offer a wide spectrum of comprehensive and advanced physical therapy treatment options. We begin with a thorough assessment that identifies all physical factors contributing to your problem (not just the are of pain). Then we design a multimodal treatment plan with concrete goals and clear time frames. Treatment often begins with manual therapy and targeted stretching to initiate productive movement in your problem areas. We may use any of a number of modalities such as thermal agents, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or iontophoresis. WE teach you straightforward exercises that get right to the heart of your complaint. Over the course of a few visits, we monitor your improving condition and progress your treatment. We also help evaluate contributing factors from your environment and activities (e.g. your sports technique, your work station setup, your shoes, etc.). We conclude every treatment plan by teaching you some specific exercises or other things you can do long term. Ultimately, InMotion Physical Therapy works to empower you to independently manage your own health and ability.

Chronic or Recurring Problems

If you suffer from chronic or recurring pain or dysfunction, InMotion Physical Therapy may be able to put you in control of your prevention and relief.

     • Neck Pain
     • Back Pain
     • Joint Dysfunction
     • Muscle Dysfunction
     • Arthritis Pain
     • Headaches
     • Fibromyalgia
     • Vertigo
     • Tendonitis/Bursitis
     • Balance difficulties/Altered gait

Recent Injuries & Recent Surgeries

If you have suffered a recent injury, InMotion Physical Therapy can help make sure that you recover quickly and minimize potential long-term problems.

     • Rehabilitation after Orthopedic Surgery
     • Sports Injuries
     • Work Injuries
     • Motor Vehicle Accidents

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